Fall Schedule 2020-2021


*Due to social distancing, “in studio" class sizes will be limited. Classes will only be 50 minutes to allow students to exit the building, sanitizing and temperature check students entering the building. Parents must drop off at the front door. Parents of students ages 6 and younger may enter to walk their child to class when needed but must exit the building once their child is in the classroom.


If there is another lock down, all classes will be moved to Zoom and tuition will remain the same.

Once social distancing rules are lifted, we will resume classes to their 1 hour time. Mommy & me and Creative Movement will remain 45 minutes.


Mommy and Me (age 2)
(class scheduled to begin January 4, 2021)
Saturday 12:30- 1:15 (TBA)


Creative Movement (age 2.5)
(classes begining soon)
Saturday 9:15-10:00 (S)


All classes listed below will be 50 minutes while social distancing rules apply. Once SD rules are lifted, classes will be 1 hour.


Little Stars Pre 1 (age 3)
Wednesday 4:00 (S)
Thursday 4:00 (S) (Almost Full)
Saturday 10:15 (S)
Saturday 11:15 (J)


Little Stars Pre 2 (age 4)
Monday 5:00 (MK) (Almost Full)
Thursday 4:00 (J) (almost full)
Saturday 9:00 (J) (1 opening)
Saturday 10:15 (J)


Ballet/Tap (ages 5-6)
Tuesday 4:00 (J) (Almost Full)
Saturday 10:15 (MK) (Almost Full)


Jazz/Tap (ages 5-6)
Wednesday 4:00 (MK) (Almost Full)
Saturday 11:15 (S) (almost full)


Ballet/Jazz (ages 5-6)
Tuesday 5:00 (MK) (Almost Full)
Thursday 4:00 (MK) (Almost Full)
Saturday 9:00 (MK) (Almost Full)


Jr. Hip Hop (ages 5-6)
Monday 4:00 (T) (Almost Full)
Thursday 4:00 (T)
Saturday 11:00 (L) delayed start, call to be added to the list


Hip Hop (ages 7-9)
Tuesday 5:00 (T) (Almost Full)
Saturday 12:00 (L) delayed start, call to be added to the list
Hip-Hop (ages 8-10)
Wed 4:00 (T)
Hip Hop (ages 9-12)
Monday 5:00 (T) (Full)
Saturday 1:00 (L) delayed start, call to be added to the list
Hip Hop (ages 12+)
Wednesday 7:00 (T)
Jazz (ages 10-12)
Wednesday 7:00 (A) (almost full)
Contemporary (ages 8+)
Wednesday 6:00 (E) (almost full)
Ballet (ages 7+)
Monday 6:00 (J)
Lyrical (ages 7-9)
Tuesday 6:00 (J)
Intro to Musical Theater (ages 5-7)
Thursday 5:00 (J)
Musical Theater (ages 8+)
Tuesday 7:00 (J) (almost full)
Acro (ages 5-7)
Monday 4:00 (D)
Thursday 4:00 Jason
Acro (ages 7-9)
Monday 5:00 (D) (full)
Thursday 4:00 Jason
Acro (ages 10-12)
Monday 6:00 (D) will start soon! call to be added to the list

E = Eric  T=Tiffany J = Jill  MK + Marykate  A= Ashley S= Stephanie
L = LaToya  D= Dominique  DD= Danielle