Class Descriptions



Mommy & Me: This is a class for ages 2 - 2.5 for tots and a grown-up (mom, dad, grandparent, or caretaker) to experience their first dance class. Children will learn to separate from parents, learn gross motor skills, hand/eye coordination, left and right all while having fun thru dance games and songs. Eventually, students will be able to take a class while parents watch on our closed-circuit TV in our waiting area. Fun class for children and parents. Great place to make new friends.

Creative Movement: For ages 2.5 - 3 yrs old.  This is a 45 minute class for toddlers working on separation from parents and learning to be on their own. The class consists of hand/eye coordination and major motor skill development and social skills. As the season moves on and the children become more adjusted to the class, more activities are added to the program. The students will learn a routine and will perform at our year-end recital.

Tumble Tots: A 45 minute tumbling class where students learn to do forward rolls, cartwheels, balance and much more! Fun bounce house is part of this class.

Little Stars Pre I & Pre II: For ages 3 & 4 yrs old. A one hour class introducing the student to the foundations of ballet and tap. The student will learn correct dance terminology and foundational concepts while being taught in a fun and age-appropriate setting.

Tumble Tots: This fun class for ages 3-6 begins with a stretch warm up. Students will work on basic tumbling and balancing. Activities will include: forwards rolls, bridges, front and back walkovers, cartwheels and even arials! Activities will also include work on our tumble track, balance beam, bounce house and more!  So much fin for students who want to learn the basics of acrobatics. This is a non recital class.

Combo Classes: For ages 5 & 6. A one hour class in either Ballet & Tap / Jazz & Tap / Ballet & Jazz / Jr. Hip-Hop & Acro. Students will begin to focus on more detailed concepts in each form of dance.

Acrobatics:  For ages 5 and older. 1-hour class that offers floor gymnastics and tumbling. This class is under strict supervision. We recommend this class as an additional class for Hip-Hop students.

Ballet: The basis for all other forms of dance. Emphasis will be strictly placed on technique and the development of body placement, coordination, and stamina.

Pointe: For students who have shown strength and discipline and are ready to move to a more advanced level. (Teacher recommendation only)

Tap: Tap is a style of dance that uses precise rhythm patterns of foot movement to create audible sounds. Dancers will learn rhythms, patterns, and choreography to upbeat music.

Jazz: A form of dance that focuses on jumps, turns, and leaps. Jazz dancers will learn progression across the floor as well as stylized choreography.

Hip Hop: Hip Hop combines the latest street and funk style seen in music videos to create the hottest class available.

Lyrical: Combined movement of ballet, jazz, modern choreography that is danced to inspirational and meaningful music.

Contemporary: A blend of styles developed from modern and post-modern dance using the body’s natural lines and energy.

Rockette/Showgirl Performance: In this class, you will learn precision dance techniques along with basic principles of jazz, ballet, and show-girl styling. Dancing with elegance will be the key to mastering this technique.

Musical Theater: Giving young students who are interested in acting the opportunity to explore their creativity through acting, singing, and dance. Our students not only build a strong performance technique, but they also gain communication skills and self-confidence, all in a supportive, positive and most, of all, fun environment.

Voice: Private lessons are available for voice training and audition prep.