Competition Team



Now Auditioning for our Dance Team. We are looking for Serious Dancers who are ready to Train with professional teachers from Broadway Dance Center and top choreographers in the industry!

2024-2025 Season Audition date for ages 5+ exact date in May will be posted soon!

You can book an appointment with out photographer to take beautiful dance photos in your recital costume on the following date (coming soon). A link to the photographers website will be emailed to all current students as we get closer to the dates. There will be a $15.00 deposit upon booking your appointment which will be applied to your order.

Call For Audition Appointments

Garden City Dance Studio offers a competitive dance team for children ages 5-17. The team competes annually in both a locally-hosted regional competitions and a "Nationals" finals competition. National competition is typically held out of state and may require  several days of travel and lodging expenses.

All students interested in joining the competition team are required to audition. Students accepted to the Garden City Dance Studio competition team will take 4-15 classes per week, depending on age and skill level. We also offer a Hip-Hop team which requires less classes per week for those who do not want to train in all genres.

Students are also required to attend workshops and at least 2 -3 conventions and  all master classes with guest choreographers. Regular attendance is essential.

All competition students are closeley monitored for progress in technique, work ethic and dedication to the team. Competition students are required to attend a 6 week Summer session. All choreography is done during the Summer. Fall classes concentrate on technique and strength and conditioning. Regular rehearsals will be done weekly. Failure to attend rehearsals will result in being removed from portions of choreograph or from an entire dance completely. Students are chosen by the faculty for Solo, Duet and Trio performances. Outside choreographers may be called in to work with our Solo/Duuet/Trio students.

Our competition students are encouraged to audition for Knicks / Nets dance teams and any other opportunities that fit their age / dance  criteria.  We also encourage students who are fully prepared to apply with talent agencies with the descretion of their teachers.  Our faculty is dedicated to making each dancer work to the best of their abilities at all time.  We have many students who have gon on to perform on Broadway and  Netflx.

Students will be directly trained in technique, choreography, showmanship, and will learn discipline, character, time management, and organization by participating on our team. Training with our competition team will prepare your student for college/university dance teams and professional work. Click here to see some of our amazing students

Special events will be available to students who are interested in performing out-of-state.

Our team members are expected to be supportive of one another and treat their teammates with kindness at all times. Teamwork skills are a must. Please note that we do NOT tolerate any sort of bullying or bad behavior of any kind from students or their parents. Students who express this behavior will  be removed from our team at our Director’s discretion.

Pricing and fees will be discussed in person with parents.